January 2013

Db4o Concurrent Access

Read Time < 1 minute Db4o has access limitations, which means you cannot use the ObjectContainer to query/store objects in different process than the one it was opened in. For example if you open db ObjectContainer db= Db4oEmbedded.openFile(Db4oEmbedded.newConfiguration(),DB_PATH); You cannot use this ObjectContainer, db for database operations in other processes. If you try to open db again in some other …

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Using Database for Object (db4o) in android part-2

Read Time 2 minutes In previous post we discussed db4o benefits over relational databases and saw how we can setup and use db4o in android applications. Today we will go little deeper in understanding the advance functionality of  db4o and its querying mechanism. QBE is easy but We need more sophisticated  mechanisms of querying in actual android applications, and that’s Native …

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